"Casting Our Nets To Your Side" - Total Restoration Worship Center
Ministries that fit YOU, and that you FIT into!!!!
It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experiences to work with your experiences to produce an even better experience.
T.R.E.E.P- Phase 1(Total Restoration Early Enrichment Program)
A ministry that teaches ages 2-6 basic bible stories through dramatizations
T.R.E.E.P- Phase 2(Total Restoration Early Enrichment Program)
 A ministry that deals with basic bible stories and principles that is applicable to everyday youth struggles ages 7-12
The NET is a WATCH-CARE ministry focused on High School Juniors through Collegiate level youth, including mentoring, tutoring, and healthy friendships--a spot where everybody there is JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!
Single Focus
is a ministry that fosters a Godly social environment where you can find and be found by like minded SINGLES, that is healthy, safe, productive, entertaining, engaging, uplifting, and exciting.
Recurring Romance is a ministry that focuses on keeping the fire and spark glowing between Godly couples.  Events, seminars, couple games and more is what you will find as a vital part of this ministry....taking the family back starting with where it started!!!!
Seniors Ignite--A ministry that is focused on ideas and gatherings geared toward the mature croud ages 55 and olderSeniors Ignite- A ministry Geared towards outings, events, and community information for our matured ages 55+.  A safe place where seniors can continue to mature and inspire~~a place where growing older is desired and appreciated.
REVIVE is a support group for women of all ages and cultures that have experienced pregnancy loss whether during their 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester. In my own experiences, many times after a pregnancy loss a woman can feel alone, empty, guilt, shame and all in all just sat outside of life. This support group will become available to provide emotional support and feedback to women who don't know how to move forward after a pregnancy loss. REVIVE, a support group headed and facilitated by First Lady Alfreda Mabry.
REVIVE acknowledges the fact that these were OUR babies and we loved them for who they were living inside of us. Even though they are gone from us we STILL love them as if they were right here with us.
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